Clark Brown

Developer and Mathematician

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science student at Brigham Young University.
Experienced developer with various langages and technologies with a love of problem solving.

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what can I do?

I approach every problem or project with fresh view and an organized method.


Fluent in English and Spanish. Competent in French.


Good at working in and leading teams.


Effective communicator.


Experienced with Debian and Red Hat based systems.

Version Control

Experienced with Git using Github and Bitbucket


Nature, studio, portrait, digital, filmed, mixed experience. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom experience.


Excellent at project management and organization of tasks and team members. On time and efficient.

Quick Learner

Fast at picking up systems, technologies, maths, and procedures.

Development Projects

BYU Record Linking Lab Surname Indexing App

Designed and developed a web app as a concept for a mobile app which allows users to quickly identify surnames from historic genealogical records with suggestions from based on data from machine learning.

Written in JavaScript using AngularJS and the Firebase platform.

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NextLink - Network Link Prediction Model (in progress)

A program for employing various algortihms and measures to graphs (networks) in order to predict future links as the networks grow. Methods range from Adamic-Adar to random walks.

Built with Python, including Numpy and NetworkX.

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Code Languages and Code Samples

Object Oriented

Python, C++, Java

Web Skills

Javascript, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, REST API

Server Tools

Linux Servers, AWS, Network Protocols

Clark Brown Photography

I have been phtographing various subjects for almost a decade. I focus on geometric minimalism and local nature.

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