Clark Brown

I'm a Problem Solver

I build solutions to hard problems

Sofware engineer, applied mathematician, critical thinker, builder, and linux guy.

About Me

Software Engineer at Neighbor. Applied Math and Computer Science graduate.

Experienced developer with various langages and technologies with a love of problem solving.

I am driven by team environments where we tackle challenging issues. I love creating and building.

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Interests and Skills

Machine Learning


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📖 Computing Machines
Datalog Lexer

A Python implementation of a lexical scanner for the Datalog language. It tokenizes the datalog using a finite state machine approach. Orginally implemented in C++.

PythonLexical AnalysisFinite State Machine
🎵 Music and Audio Analysis
Soggetto Cavato

Encodes text as an audio motif using Soggetto Cavato encoding. This maps the vowels of text to audio pitches based on solfege and dates back to the earth 16th century.

MusicAudio Analysis
📓 Web Development
Text Indexing App

A web app designed as a concept for a mobile app which allows users to quickly identify surnames from historic genealogical records with suggestions from based on data from machine learning.

AngularJSFirebaseHandwriting Recognition


If you have any questions about my work or would like to collaborate, please reach out.